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tv   Action News  ABC  July 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this friday, july 11, we have news you didn't see last night. >> an attacker savagely beats a man to death outside his philadelphia home. now the search is on for his killer. >> a fugitive father comes out of hiding in a desperate attempt to be with his baby. >> a new commercial for flying encourages flyers to hate it. >> all right, karen is off, dave has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: at least the airline has a sense of humor. the sun is coming up, it's comfortable, take a look at
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satellite and radar, the rain is off the coast. probably not too much coming today, maybe a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. and a lot of sunshine on the way early. wilmington, 67. 66 in trenton. 64 in allentown. 69 in sea isle city. as we go through the day it will be warm, 77 by 9:00 a.m., noon, 84. 3:00 p.m., that's the high, 87 degrees, slightly humid, 82 by 6:00 p.m. a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm most of us that activity appears to be in south jersey or central delaware not so much southeastern pennsylvania. when i step inside great weather for saturday, things change in the second half of the weekend matt pellman. >> reporter: 87 degrees today that sounds good for that free 7-eleven slurpee on this 7/11. so far so good on i-95 in the on
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going work zone by cottman avenue. southbound go the tail lights. the roads are dry, no overnight construction. the volume will be lighter than norm today as it has been all week. we're watching a crash at 45th and lancaster avenue giving us delays, half-hour delays in fact on the route 10 trolley. we have that overnight construction on the new jersey turnpike in gloucester county. southbound direction between exit 3 for the black horse pike and exit 3 tore 322 that they ae taking out the left lane the construction going until 10:00 a.m. belmawr, camden county no northbound delays on 42 heading toward 295 dispt walt whitman bridge. it's a -- and the walt whitman bridge, it's a smooth ride. travel times along i-95 are on time which is good news because
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495 remains shut down. tam? >> thank you, matt. we gin with a video of a shooting from south jersey. the action cam was outside the regency apartment at 2:00 a.m. the search for the gunman goes on. police say a man was beaten to death outside his north philadelphia home. the action cam was on the scene the 2800 block of north fairhill street. when police arrived they found 53-year-old man lying in a pool of blood outside his home. he had a gaping wound on his head. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced. witnesses told police they may have spotted the killer. >> responding officers got information that a male was seen running from the victim south in the 2800 block of fairhill possibly with some type of metal
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object in their hand. >> police are talking to witnesses to try to get a description of that man. investigators are looking for a motive of the brutal crime. a noontime rally in center city in support of israel. we'll have more in the next half-hour. the violence continues in the middle east. gaza militants have fired 400 missels in the last several days. gerardmatt was in israel. there's all these people rushing to cram into this little room. >> israel bombed more than 900 targets in gaza.
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90 palestinians have been killed. palestinian officials say most of the dead are women and children. president obama is hoping to broker a cease-fire. bethlehem police found andy diaz in a third street apartment yesterday. his girlfriend called 911 when he took off with the couple's baby. he surrendered the child to police. else in custody. the baby is doing fine. >> a discount airline is rewarding travelers who haven't about how frustrating it is to fly. maribel aber has the story in her market watch report, hello, maribel. let's haven't. >> reporter: vent. >> reporter: the airline has launched the website to vent about spirit or its competitors.
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the complaints have to be 140 characters or less and in return spirit will give you 8,000 miles for your opinion. stocks tumbled over one of portugal's biggest banks rattled the market. jaguar land rover is working on technology to beam graphics on to your windshield. we'll see information and speed and navigation without taking your eyes off the road. it's in the concept stage now. it's free food friday as three chains are handing out discounted food. slurpees at 7-eleven. crispy cream don't by a dozen
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donuts and you'll get a free dozen. >> it's free cow day. you have to dress up like a cow. >> i was a cow for halloween many years ago. >> reporter: you could rent that thing out for so much. storm tracker 6 live double scan nothing going on right now. we're looking at bright conditions across center city. it's comfortable out there with a lot of the area in the 60s right now. that's a nice place to be considering where we've been in recent mornings. 67 in wilmington. philadelphia and dover sort of spoiling the party, 70. 69 in sea isle city. it's comfortable with a light wind blowing in a lot of cases you don't feel that at all. as we get into the afternoon there could a boundary that pops
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showers particularly in south jersey and delaware, mainly below philadelphia. that's something we'll look out for in the middle to the afternoon hours. most of the day is nice and dry. in allentown, a little less humid, partly sunny, 85. in philadelphia. 87 degrees, partly sunny, we'll call for spotty showers or odd thunderstorm. the best chance of that is south of the city in south jersey and delaware. 75 by 8:00 a.m., 82 by 11:22 p.m. 87 by 3. the phillies are hot. they swept the brewers they took four in milwaukee. hopefully they can convert that into the nationals. 79 for the first pitch and 73 in
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the 9 inning. poconos, 73 not bad. saturday, 78, a stray thunderstorm can't be ruled out on saturday. sunday, 80 thunderstorms likely. down the shore the next few days, today is not bad, scattered thundershower can't be ruled out. 82 degrees is the high. lots of sun on saturday, 80 that's a good one. sunday, more humid 84 degrees and there's a better chance of afternoon or evening thunderstorm at the shore. in philadelphia, nice and warm, 87. we have that shower or thunderstorm chance south of philadelphia partly sunny nice on saturday. 87. the union with 6abc night that should be great. more are humid on sunday, 90 the hot high in philadelphia. there's a better chance of thunderstorms popping up here or there sunday afternoon. monday and tuesday we have a couple of unsettled days with the front making its way toward us. 92 is the hot and humid high. could be a strong thunderstorm
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or two around. i could see more strong thunderstorms on wednesday as the front pushes through. behind the middle of next week, below-average temperatures really nice. >> 6:10, amazon must address an at payment program that cost parents millions of dollars. >> new at 6:00 a.m., a berks county little league betrayed by one of its own. we'll tell you what a board member is accused of doing. butler avenue at lime kiln pike, the sun is coming up and the volume is light. we have a closure this morning in bucks county. him i'll tell you where not to go after the break. >> eveners want to put you to the test to see how long you can last without facebook. that's next
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here out across philadelphia international airport. 6:13, 71 degrees this morning, getting up to 87, but at least we've cleared out from some of the overnight showers. >> where are all the cars? >> reporter: i don't know, but i don't mind they are not on the roads. that's just fine with me. another nice light morning, just like we've seen many mornings this so you summer. are you excited about the
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traffic pattern along 202. a lot of people are excited about the new traffic pattern coming they will shift the southbound lanes malvern toward the 30 bypass. in conjunction with this tonight they will reopen the ramp from 202 southbound to 29 south. traffic along 202 through the work zone is moving just fine. 422 and the schuylkill expressway seeing no problems. 476 the blue route looks good and the northeast extension is fine this morning, but if you're out and about overnight saturday night into sunday morning, it's one of those weekends where they will close the northeast extension, this time southbound between quakertown and lansdale midnight to 6:00 a.m. sunday stay on 309 during that time to get around it. >> in bucks, we have the closure of alms house road, stay
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on bristol as the alternate. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they are working on providence road on the water main there. this project started this week and continues through the end of july stay with us on baltimore avenue or 13 to get around it. in west philadelphia watch out for a crash at 45th anticipate lancaster giving us delay delays on the route 10 trolley. washington state firefighters are battling fires at the mills canyon charred 18,000 acres. people in a dozen homes have been told to evacuate. crews are feeding the new 25-mile fire about 40 miles away. that fire was burning away from homes and deerpg into the forest -- deeper into the forest late last night. no homes have caught fire and no injuries. >> a nasty 3-vehicle crash was
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blamed on a a toy gun. an 11-year-old boy leaned out a window and pointed an air soft gun at the car behind them. the woman thought she was going to be shot, and she slammed on the brakes. a car rear ended her and another ran into another car head on. >> in tech bytes, amazon is under safire from the ftc. allowing kids to rack up millions of dollars without their parents' consent. 2014 is shaping up for the year of the phablet. can you give up facebook
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for 99 days to his if the unplugged life is a happy life. participants are asked to fill out surveys to guage their moods. mar martha stewart took pictures of her estate with her flying camera phantom eye. >> digging a hole for themselves. gophers are digging holes in a cemetary. >> reporter: if you're heading to the airport, nothing but green planes on the board as we have no major travel delays in our obvious travel destinations, hopefully it will be clear sailing for you.
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we'll be back with the day-park forecast. >> don't forego you can get "action news" and ac hi. i'm henry winkler.
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♪ >> a bear attack has led to criminal charges against a florida man. police say he feeds bears on his street in lake marry. investigators say this is a picture of feeding the bear. police say that encourageses -- encourages the bears to come into the neighborhood and attack neighbors. >> traffic is very bearable this morning. [laughter]. i can't resist, don't grown. on the platt bridge, things look good this morning. tail lights looking good heading thwart airport, the ride looks a-okay.
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problems in ambler montgomery county a new vehicle fire houston road close to the water main break in lower gwynedd yesterday. the crash at 45th an lancaster have cleared, good news for the 10 trolley. >> reporter: 70 in philadelphia. a lot of neighborhoods in the 60s. it's comfortable. 9:00 a.m., 77. it will be warm later today. 84 by noon. the high is 87 at 3:00 p.m. 82 at 6:00 p.m. this afternoon there's a possibility of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm, but it's going to be few and far between, most of this will be in parts of south jersey and wilmington, but south of philadelphia. that appears to be the best chance. as we look ahead at saturday, 6abc night at ppl park. head down there and say yo to me and some of my co-workers. the rapids are in town.
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i have a blog, the union is doing well, that's on my facebook page and tweeting it out later tonight. a researcher at the university of pennsylvania found a link between hot weather and kidney stones. the cases tended to occur within a few days after episodes of temperatures being over 86 degrees. the study cited dehydration in hot weather as a factor. >> the sixers continue their summer league games in orlando florida. they face the grislies at noon. phillies finished a four-game sweep against the brewers, the team with the best record in the national league. they scored 9 runs in the 8th and 9th inning to win the finale 9-1. they open a series against the washington nationals tonight. >> up next, critters are digging up a lot of trouble in
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delaware. >> katherine scott is standing by with a local angle to the violence in the middle east. >> reporter: the violence violence in the middle east. >> reporter: the violence esca violence in the middle east. >> reporter: the violence escaif he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from
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oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
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>> gophers are hunting the ground at the new castle cemetary in delaware. the grounds keeper is trying to get rid of the animals, but says nothing is working.
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>> new on "action news," a board member for youth sports league in berks county has been resign amid a theft investigation. according to court documents miller made unauthorized purchases and withdrew cash for three years while serving as treasurer for the league. miller had no comment. relatives shot by police officers in philadelphia turned out at city hall. commissioner ramsey was on hand as investigator invite the the public to talk about their experience with the police department and where they think it falls short. some did not minutes words about what -- mince words about what they call a lack of trust for the force. >> the police view the citizens more as their enemies, rather
6:27 am
than as respected taxpayers who pay their salary and who they are supposed to protect. >> the review comes at the request of the commissioner is expected to result in new policy and training tactics for officers. >> time 6:27 meteorologist david murphy has the weekend call from accuweather next. >> republicans take action against president obama why a i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs
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>> happening now on "action news," a bicyclist unloads bullets on a philadelphia street leaving one man dead and another fighting for his life. >> the violence continues in the middle east and for several families in the delaware valley
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it hits close to home. >> brand new at 6:30, a heart broken family is poipght a finger when it comes to the shooting death of their pitbull. but the triggerman said he is not at fault. >> david murphy has weather, and matt pellman had a look at the roads. >> reporter: lots of sun up over the horizon. take a look at satellite rain is gone. there might be a pop-up shower this afternoon or rumble of thunder in a few neighborhoods. 70 degrees in philadelphia. allentown, 64. 66 in trenton. 67 in wilmington. not a lot of wind out there, as we roll through the day it's a warm one this afternoon. 77 by 9:00 a.m. 84 by noon, 87 is the high at 3:00 p.m. maybe a little bit humid, but not too bad, similar to yesterday, 6:00 p.m. down to 82. an afternoon shower is possible,
6:31 am
maybe a rumble of thunder, the best chance of that appears to be in central south jersey and new castle county and the southern half of that county. we'll keep an eye on radar, but it doesn't look too bad. matt, tomorrow looking good, changeses in the second half of the weekend. >> reporter: happy friday to you mr. murphy. good morning everybody we're drying out on the roadways this morning. we're starting to see a little bit of volume in just a few spots like on i-95 in the typical slow spot southbound from the betsy ross bridge into girard. we've seen worse, but it's starting to slow on i-95. the schuylkill expressway looking good at this point, the crash that we had that was affecting the route 10 trollies hat 45th an lancaster has cleared. so things returning to normal there. we have a new downed tree in langhorne mannor bucks county.
6:32 am
westbound turnpike a vehicle fire is in the process of clearing at houston road. we're getting word of a crash in the harleysville area along spring hill drive at maple avenue. no issues on the northeast extension. on the new jersey turnpike southbound between exits 3 and 2, left lane is out of commission. matt. >> new this morning, a gunman on a bike opens fire on two men in north philadelphia killing one of them. police found the victims lying in waterloo street after midnight. one victim did not survive and the other is in critical condition. new philadelphia police are questioning a man in connection with a reported sexual assault in the spring garden section. a woman tells police she was
6:33 am
attacked at 16th and callowhill streets saying the man pulled her behind a bush and touched her inappropriately. the woman was taken to had anman for evaluation. >> rocket fire from gaza into israel continues for a 4th day. this is a brand new video of what authorities are calling a direct hit on a gas station. the 50-year-old man was seriously injured. the continued clashes have local families on edge. katherine scott is at 15th an jfk boulevard where a rally is scheduled this afternoon. >> reporter: people are watching from around the world. for in families in our area, the violence hits close to home. this outcomeman -- man was returned home from israel
6:34 am
yesterday he was there for a birth right trip. >> all these people are rushing trying to cram into this little room. >> reporter: for the fourth day israel is pressing with it's gaza offensive. naomi of wynnewood's daughter is on a five week project to israel a program to promote peace in the region. >> she is a very passionate young woman. i'm extremely proud of her, she has taken strong leadership roles and walking the walk not just talking the talk. >> reporter: she feels safe that she will be protected.
6:35 am
>> she said i'm so freaked out i'm coming out of the a bomb shelter. are you freaked out? i said no, because you were in the shelter. >> reporter: back here live at 19th and jfk, just the morning hustle and bustle now, but this afternoon an israel solidarity rally is scheduled for noon today outside the israeli consulate. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> "action news" will be there. house republicans have taken the first step to sue president obama. the house rules committee she would a hearing that would set in motion for the body to sue the president. lawmakers are upset over the delay of the employer mandate law designed to keep from shifting workers into taxpayers subsidized coverage. the president calls the lawsuit a republican stunt. >> happening today, mayor
6:36 am
nutter will join the u.s. secretary of education arni dunkin for a round table discussion. philadelphia school district has delivered 300 pink slips to staff members. it includes noontime aids and special education assist assist assistants. flash flooding was sparked from the rain in southern parts of the area. drivers were forced to turn around as the clay river flooded roads. you can access live double scan radar and get the full accuweather forecast with our free storm tracker 6 live app. it sends you audio alerts when
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watches and warnings pop up. all your neighbors have it, you have to keep up with the jones so you have to have it, too. >> you have to keep up with david murphy, too. >> reporter: i use that app when i am off from work. it's a great app. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry, we have plenty of sunshine up over the horizon catching the tails on the terminal. bright and comfortable with temperatures in the 60s a little bit of a light breeze, we're at 70 at the airport in the philadelphia that's one of the milder spots. dewpoint, 62 that's low, not all that humid, winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. today we're looking at a chance of pop-up shower or rumble of thunder south of philadelphia. just a little bit of a boundary that might trigger that. looks like it's mainly 3 or 4 hours perhaps into the early evening and then it's gone, most of you won't see it. if you do south of philadelphia, keep that in mind a little heads
6:38 am
up later this afternoon. 75 degrees partly sunny, 8:00 a.m., 75 degrees in philadelphia. 82 by 11:00 a.m., 86 by 2:00 p.m. the high 87 around 3:00 p.m., a tad humid, not too bad. 84 by 5:00 p.m. afternoon or pop-up shower or thunderstorm in south jersey or delaware. high temperatures everywhere are warm. 85 in allentown. you catch a break down the shore with low 70s up and down the beach. nice night for the phillies, 79 degrees for first pitch, 79 in the 9th inning partly cloudy, who knows maybe the phillies can keep it rolling they beat the brewers in four in milwaukee. today in the poconos 78. 78 on saturday, sunday, humid better channels of afternoon thunderstorms with a -- chance
6:39 am
of afternoon thunderstorms high of 80. down the shore, 828, maybe a shower, in central south jersey you might get a dry day at the beach, you deserve one after yesterday. saturday, 80. sunday, possible thunderstorm, 84 on the beach. philadelphia, 87 today, partly sunny tomorrow, 87. great night for 6abc night at ppl park in chester. sunday is the high on sunday, afternoon chance of thunderstorms here or there. monday and tuesday we're looking at a front coming in. 92 hot and humid monday, strong storms possible. tuesday, 86. tuesday's storms could be strong in some cases. after that, we get high pressure in a little bit more of a flow from the north. it will be comfortable wednesday and thursday, low humidity,
6:40 am
temperatures below average, wednesday night there's another union game. i'm thinking about that. >> you like the northern flow. >> something to look forward to. >> baby. >> up next, more stories you are didn't see last night, including the blame game over the death of a beloved pet. police are trying to figure out who is at fault. >> philadelphia doesn't seem to be on labron james' wish list. why miami could be a concerned. >> reporter: a look at the blue route a stalled vehicle by broomal off to the side. otherwise your travel through delco looks good. we'll look at the schuylkill expressway up next. >> the abc family is growing, somebody who makes us laugh has reason to smile this morning and we'll tell you mean the baby's name later on "action news."
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>> sun is shining on the buildings in center city, philadelphia. 6:43. we have come upon the day of the week called friday. 75 degrees on city avenue getting up to 87 much more pleasant. >> people love friday, a lot of people really love it because they have gone on vacation somewhere. >> reporter: if not yet they will go this afternoon, hopefully cruel have the opportunity to get out of town or stay in town and enjoy the weekend nonetheless. the schuylkill expressway looks good, sun glare smacking you in
6:44 am
the face as you travel eastbound past conshohocken. if you're traveling westbound starting at 8:00 a.m. they will close the off ramp to 23 in conshohocken. that ramp going to be blocked until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the work on the expansion joints so you can keep going west to gulph mills and exit there or hop on the blue route northbound and take it to the norristown exit and work your way into conshohocken from the in order side. this ramp will be closed starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight. schuylkill expressway 40. i-95 southbound side slowing from the betsy ross bridge into girard. in langhorne mannor watching a downed tree. closing mannor avenue. alms house road is shut down
6:45 am
bristol is the way to go until 3:00 p.m. lower sal folder montgomery county we have -- lower salford, montgomery county spring hill road and maple avenue. shutting down ridge pike at 29 stay on 29. >> the texas man accused of killing 6 people including four children has a violent past. he taped his own mother to a chair and threatened to kill her. both she and his ex-wife were seeking restraining order. he tied up members of his ex-wife's family and killed them execution style when they refused to tell him the whereabouts of his ex-wife. a man shot and killed her dog for no reason. >> he is a friendly dog
6:46 am
everybody in the neighborhood knows her, she runs around all the time playing with the kids and stuff. >> weston's daughter said the dog was outside sniffing the grass when the man shot her three times. other witnesses said the dog did nothing wrong. but the armed man told officers the pet attacked him and tried to by the him. so far no charges have been filed in the case. >> the national basketball league seems to be suffering with a bought with inertia and i will continue until labron james decides where they will play. james wade had already met with heat officials back on wednesday. he spoke to the cavalier, mavericks and rockets and lakers, he plans to talk with his family before making a decision. >> 6:46 a live preview of
6:47 am
"g.m.a." up next. >> reporter: we have a nice tap on hand for most of the region. slight chance of showers in delaware and parts of south jersey. a reminder it's sunscreen season, make sure you lather up. we'll be back with the morning temperatures which are good and
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6:49 am
>> reporter: it's friday. >> it is. . free slurpee day, the sun is
6:50 am
shining, what more could we be happy about? >> reporter: i could take a lobster right now. >> reporter: yeah, ben franklin bridge it was dark -- it's dark at the moment. it was looking good a few minutes ago. the lions tattoo company is on the westbound side capitol trail. david murphy is familiar with that. >> reporter: shuttle busing is over for the norristown line. >> reporter: comfortable in most spots, 69 in chester. 70 at the airport. in south jersey, a lot of numbers in the 60s, comfortable out there, a light breeze, warmest conditions we have are down in delaware all reporting station at 69. 9:00 a.m., 77. the high today is 87 at
6:51 am
3:00 p.m. there's a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. most of them centered in central south jersey and wilmington. dry most of the day, guys. >> time to see what's coming up on "g.m.a." >> for that we turn to dan harris live in the "g.m.a." studios, good morning and happy friday. >> reporter: good morning to you both, matt and tam, great to be with you on friday morning. coming up an american airlines flight from nook was forced to make an -- newark was forced to make an emergency landings why passengers thought he was a threat. george clooney rejecting the apology from the daily mail about a story they presented about his fiance and her family. hurricane arthur separated her from her husband while
6:52 am
diving for schal hospitals, she is sharing her story. a huge party in the park, robin is excited this morning she is a big country music fan. keith urban getting ready to take the stage next on "g.m.a." >> robin said i would look good with keith urban's hairdo. >> i may have to photo shop. >> we don't like to disagree with robin, we think we'll keep you the way you are, dan. >> tam and matt disagree with you on the hair. she is taking it well. >> jimmy kimmel confirmed that the couple welcomed his daughter
6:53 am
named jane. he has an adult son and daughter from a previous marriage.
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6:55 am
>> welcome back here your top stories, double shooting in north philadelphia that was carried out by a gunman on a bike has left a man dead. the other is in critical
6:56 am
condition. detectives are reviewing surveillance video from the area. police are looking for the killer who beat a man to death outside the victim's north philadelphia home. witnesses saw the man running from the scene holding a piece of metal. a rally is taking place in center city in support of israel. a rocket from gaza hit an israeli gas station injuring one man. >> reporter: on i-95 near bridge northbound blocking the right lane is a disabled vehicle. southbound is okay. not too bad on 42, southbound heading toward the shorepoints you're looking good. >> reporter: we're off to a nice start 60s across the region. 87 is the high, slight chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, but mainly south of philadelphia. that's not going to be all day, it's something to keep in mind during the afternoon. >> craziest give way of the day
6:57 am
today, if you go to chick-fil-a and you're dressed up fully as a cow they would give you a free meal. >> if you do that, sends us pictures we want to see it. >> for matt pellman, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great friday. if we don't see you great weekend. ♪
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[ telephone rings ] how's the camping trip? well, the kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup having coffee. ohh. if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs
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and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, the east coast slammed by severe weather. powerful wind and rain shredding homes and businesses. people running for shelter. a church steeple crashing to the ground barely missing a transformer. where the dangerous weather is headed right now. also breaking this morning, under attack. more than two dozen rockets landing in israel overnight. massive damage caught on camera. martha raddatz's plane reroute as she tried to land. is a ground assault now looming. george clooney blasting the apology from one of the world's biggest newspapers accusing it of a cover-up and premeditated lies about his fiancee and her family. ♪ and beauty in the world cup. the soccer superfan cheerg


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